Design, Testing & Qualification Services

Polar Tech conducts tests in house and validates with third parties. Our testing lab utilizes industry standards such as ASTM and ISTA to test product exposures, and will also design and employ profiles for your specific needs. Our team of engineers, sales professionals, and technical experts work closely with customers to custom-design, develop, test, and deliver packaging solutions for your challenging requirements.

Our goal is to protect your brands by maximizing package performance. Polar Tech Testing Services does the work to predetermine package hazards and risks so that our customers don't have to. The upfront cost of package testing:
  • Reduces packaging cost and weight
  • Ensures your products remain in compliance with regulatory guidelines
  • Ensures a packaging solution that maintains your product integrity
  • Ensures your products are transported under ideal conditions.
  • Protects your brand from the hazards of distrbution and shipping
  • Ensures the safe delivery of products to your customers
  • Eliminates damaged product returns and revenue loss
  • Package Testing Solutions

  • ISTA/ASTM Package Testing
  • Amazon ISTA-6 Package Testing
  • Environmental Testing
  • UN/DOT HazMat Package Testing
  • Materials Testing
  • None available