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How can I change my order?

Please send an email to providing what changes need to be made, such as increasing or decreasing quantities or a full item change. For easier processing, please include “Revised” in the subject line. Our Customer Service team will follow up if any  additional information is needed. 


Are there any fees to change my order?

If your order has already been processed, depending on what stage the order is in, change fees may apply to the item(s) and/or order. 

Wrong Shipping Address

How can I change the Ship To address on my order?

Call us or simply send us an email with the new Ship To address. If your order has already been processed, depending on what stage the order is in, we may be able update the Ship To address. 

•  If the order has shipped, the carrier will need to be contacted to update the address.
•  If the order shipped with one of our preferred carriers as prepay and add, our Customer Service team will work with the carrier to submit the changes.
•  If the order is shipping with your preferred carrier, you will need to work with the carrier directly to update the address.


Are there additional fees to change my shipping address? 

If the order has not been processed, we can update the ship to address. Please note this may incur a 5% or $25 fee to change shipping paperwork.

If the order has shipped, the carrier will need to be contacted to update the address. This may result in a re-consignment fee. Depending on the shipping method, this may be billed either by your preferred carrier directly to you or by Polar Tech. 


I see there are back-ordered items. Can you ship the in-stock items now?

Yes, please note that you will incur two freight charges.


Are there other locations my items can ship from to avoid having a back-order?

Yes, please contact Customer Service.

Shipping & Pickup

Terms: Freight and Carrier
Customer Pick Up Info

I am sending in my own carrier. How will I know when it is ready?

Great! Our shipping team will either call or email to let you know when the order is ready to be picked up. Provide us with the contact name and best method of communication (phone, email, etc.).

We require orders to be picked up within 48 business hours.  

Track My Order

Visit our Freight page for more information.

Order Support


I ordered the wrong item; how can I return it?

Contact our Customer Service team and we will set up a Return Authorization for you. Returns must be sent back within 30 days of order being received.


Are there any fees to return product?

Returns are subject to freight charges and a 30% restocking fee.


My shipment arrived damaged, how can I report this?

You have 4 days to submit damage claims to Polar Tech. Immediately contact our Order Support team and include what items were damaged, how many, photos, and a noted delivery receipt of the damages. We will follow up within 24 hours.


Wrong Items

We have received the wrong item, how do we correct this?

 If Polar Tech has shipped the incorrect item, we will set up a replacement for the correct item right away. Please contact our Customer Service team at so we can assist you.

If the incorrect item waordered in error, contact our Customer Service team to review the return process with you. 

Account Info

Tax Info

Our business is text exempt. How do I submit my exemption certificate(s)?

If you qualify for tax-exempt status on the products you are purchasing, please provide the state specific tax exempt documentation in advance, prior to placing your orders.

Use this helpful guide on how to create and send your tax documents to Polar Tech through Avalara CertExpress: Download PDF

Use this direct link to upload your exemptions to Avalara CertExpress:

Edit Info

Our business has changed names. How can we have this updated? 

Please provide written authorization for the account name change in addition to the billing address. This information must be sent to our Accounts Receivable department. If we need additional information, our Accounting or Customer Service teams will follow up. 


We need to add or remove a contact on our account. How this be completed?

We can help! Send an email to Customer Service and Accounting with the contact information that needs to be added or removed from the account. We will update this change within 24 business hours. 


Manage Payment Options

How can I update my credit card information?

Simple! Fill out the Credit Card Authorization Form and send to or call one of our Customer Service representatives at 800-423-2479.


How can I apply for terms?

Please fill out the Credit Application and email this to If we have additional questions please let us know. 

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