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ICE BOX Right Fit Starter Kits

Try one of our ICE-BOX RIGHT FIT™ Starter Kits today and safely ship any bulk product that is temperature sensitive. Worth their weight in cold, these starter kits come semi-assembled in a partial-telescoping box with a molded insulated foam top and bottom, and different options for extension(s), and perforated tray(s).

Each Start Kit Includes:

Corrugated Partial Telescoping (PT) Container: GE101 KD M Foam Small Bulk Cargo Common Top & Bottom: GE101 SMLB Foam Large Bulk Cargo Common Top & Bottom:GE101 LGLB Foam Small Extension Collars: GE101 SMEC Foam Large Extension Collars: GE101 LGEC Heat Treated Wood Pallet: SHT 101

Just Add Bulk Refrigerants

Refrigerants NOT included. Choose from 7 refrigerant methods or 2 dry ice methods which best fit your requirements.

Superior Performance

ICE-BOX Right Fit off-the-shelf Insulated Bulk Transports with molded tight seals assure temperature stability throughout the shipping cycle. Superior performance in any condition is proven.