What to do with it?

Reuse, recycle, dispose

Gel Cold Packs

Continue to use until the product leaks. Packs can be stored at room temperature, but place them in the freezer or fridge least 24 hours before use. Click here to download guide.


Continue to use until the product leaks. Click here to download guide


In a landfill setting, the Biodegradable pack will start to break down in 18 months. Dispose in the trash.

Moisture Safe

It can’t be recycled due to the felted fabric on the outside. Dispose in the trash.

What is it?

Products at-a-glance and SDS

Foam (EPS)

98% air
Highly Insulated
High Strength to Waste Ratio
Shock A
FDA Grade
Used by Government, Food, and Biomedical fields 

Foam SDS

Cold Packs

Every cold pack produced by Polar Tech is non-toxic. 



If the pack is not recycled and somehow ends up in a landfill, there is an additive added to the standard plastic resin, making the final product biodegradable. This additive does not impact the  normal performance  characteristics, but still aids microorganisms in breaking the material down into biomass.


Rethink Foam

Safe for the planet and you 

Dependable and Safe

According to foamfacts.com, “Polystyrene’s safety profile is so strong that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has reviewed the safety of polystyrene to be used in direct contact with foods and beverages – and for 50 years, has confirmed polystyrene to be safe for this use.”

EPS foam protects products from both physical and temperature shocks.

Prevents Damage and Waste

Dollars and resources saved by avoiding costly replacements and keeping perishables safe.

Environmental Impacts

Low Carbon Impact
No Production Waste
Easily Collected from Oceans

How can I help?

Practical, everyday tips


• Find your nearest Foam Recycling Center.

• Learn How To dispose/recycle Polar Tech products properly.


• Reuse Polar Tech cold packs as long as they’re intact.

Re-purpose foam: Use as a planter, to hold and insulate groceries, as an insulated cat shelter or for use in composting.


• Understand the issues and unintended consequences of banning foam.

• Find your nearest Foam Recycling Center.

• Start a Foam #6 Recycling Program.

• Keep America Beautiful has resources to start and improve recycling programs.

Consider Your Packaging 

Minimize your impact on the environment – start with the right foam container and cold packs.
Because the right fit ensures less packaging  waste and less product waste.

Too much of a good thing?

Over designed packaging contributes to environmental harm with unnecessary excess packaging and pollution from production. 


Too little to perform?

Under designed packaging damages product, increases costs and poses safety threats. 

The right fit is the smart fit

Optimized packaging saves money, resources, and the environment!

Products to Believe In


Cold Pockets™


Reuse any/all cold packs!

Less Waste

Corrugated cassettes used by other companies wastes material and 2x more cold packs. 


Optimized packaging from Polar Tech is 50% more efficient.

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