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Dry Ice Tools for Preconditioning


Use the Absolute Zero™ dry ice snow tools and acessories to surface coat the insulated cargo transport container to precondition, cool and stabilize the interior temperature. Preconditioning perishable product shipments is a method of pre-cooling the insulated containers and fill materials before or during the pack out. This method of preconditioning extends transit time as well as immediately stabilizes interior temperature. This maintains stable product temperature, without adverse temperature fluctuations and unnecessary prolonged excursions.

Absolute Zero™ Features
  • Low Cost, High Yield, Durable, Easy
  • Ergonomically Engineered and Constructed
  • Safe, Lightweight, Stainless Steel
  • Convenient Accessories
  • HIGH YIELD Dry Ice Snow Makers are ideal for small to high production, produces up to 17 lbs. per 2 minutes up to 47% yield. Simple to operate, no moving parts, insulated foam handles and barrel grips.

    * All models of dry ice snow makers require liquid CO2, bottom siphon tube, either low or high pressure supply tank.

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