Polar Tech strives to offer superior quality without sacrificing product integrity, for creating systems that actually work. We commit to being accessible to customers by maintaining direct contact and aiding customers to develop shipping systems specific to their needs. 

At the forefront of temperature controlled and protective packaging innovation since 1984, Polar Tech Industries manufactures and distributes quality insulated containers and cold pack systems. Our packaging is used for the transportation of goods at controlled temperatures while efficiently preserving the products from thermal and physical shocks.

Polar Tech is the manufacturer and professional source to engineer, supply and protect your temperature sensitive package from all distribution hazards. Our team of engineers, sales professionals and technical experts have years of temperature sensitive packaging experience to provide creative solutions. With the largest selection of insulated containers and cold packs in the industry, Polar Tech packaging solutions are designed with in-stock systems or custom-designed for your challenging requirements.

With over 35 years experience providing temperature sensitive packaging design, testing, and custom services, Polar Tech is constantly developing innovative solutions.

The Founder of Polar Tech Industries, Inc. launched the business after years of seeing products in the market that were unable to meet customer required standards and quality. He felt it was his obligation to provide the best product with the highest standards, so thus began manufacturing cold packs from the garage of his home.

Our Founder then teamed up with Federal Express packaging engineers to test and develop guidelines on packaging perishable products. Since then Polar Tech has continued to engineer new packaging products and means of protecting temperature sensitive shipments and is still the original high-quality foam and cold pack manufacturer. Our decades of experience coupled with our long-term employees and customers allow us to share in our success and development.

Fast forward more than three decades and Polar Tech is still thriving, with record breaking growth and customer satisfaction many of the same customers are with us today!

Polar Tech’s reach is primarily national; with over 370,000 square feet in total manufacturing and storage space, across six buildings and two states, Polar Tech will have what you need. Additionally, Polar Tech products are found in countries worldwide and are famously exported internationally by our customers and their freight carriers.

Polar Tech is committed to providing innovative products, unmatched product quality and superior service. We manufacture all of our products in the USA.


1984 Polar Tech Industries was founded in Illinois 
1992 1993

Identified lack of industry thermal packaging standards

Polar Tech teamed up with the Federal Express Packaging, Engineering, and Testing department to share testing results and develop guidelines on perishable packaging

Polar Tech developed standards on how to properly  package perishable products which was adopted by the industry

Expanded, built our new manufacturing facility in Genoa, Illinois
1999 Polar Tech continued to expand; additional warehouse in Genoa, Illinois
2010 Polar Tech launched new expansive catalog with the largest in stock product offering in the industry
Polar Tech Continued to Expand; purchased new facility in Elysburg, PA, and opened Manufacturing and Distribution location

Polar Tech celebrated our 30th year anniversary

Installed new foam machines


Began renovation of building in Genoa, Illinois

Awarded GSA contract

Installed new cold pack machines


Installed new foam machines

Completed state of the art building renovation with multiple docks

Updated branding of ICE-BRIX©

Launched new website

Polar Tech Expanded

Additional Belvidere warehouse for distribution

Installed new foam machine in PA