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ICE BOX Right Fit Insulated Foam

Any bulk product that is temperature sensitive can be safely shipped in our ICE-BOX RIGHT FIT™ Insulated Cargo Transports with insulated foam liners.

Bulk Cargo Common Top & Bottom

Molded one piece base with raised circle pads allows temperature to circulate and raises product above any collected condensate or spilled liquids. Ergonomic loading design allows easy loading and unloading. Airtight interlocking seals and thick insulation maintains temperature from external hazards during the shipping cycle. Common top can invert from a lid to a bottom base. Common bottom can invert from a base to a lid.

Extension Collars

Add extension collars (EC) to expand chest height, this option increases additional packing space to maximize additional product capacity, all in one bulk container. Add additional EC as needed to accommodate more product at minimal costs. Choose from small, medium, or large or use any combination of extension collars

Perforated Tray/Platform Extension

The perforated tray/platform can be inverted to be either a tray or a platform. It is ideal for layering products, cold packs, or dry ice through the packing procedure. Tested to hold over 550lbs per tray assures the quality and enduring ability of layering. Keeps products or refrigerants in place to assure a uniform temperature control.

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