Ice Wrap

One "Ice Wrap" is approximately 21" long, 7.75" wide, and weighs 27 ounces. Each of the six pillows of the Wrap is filled with an equal amount of Polar Tech's leak proof gel. The length of the Wrap can be reduced by simply cutting off unnecessary pillows. As shown in the images above, an Ice Wrap can be used to wrap completely a product in a circle of cold or cover a product with a blanket of cold. Of course, a Wrap can be used in conjunction with Polar Tech's other refrigerants to achieve maximum protection. And, a Wrap can be warmed and used to help prevent a product from freezing during shipment. In short, the Ice Wrap is flexible in form and function.

Item Outside Dimensions Material Style
ItemICE WRAP Outside Dim (L x W)21" x 7.75" MaterialMPD/LLDPE POLY, LEAKPROOF GEL StyleLEAKPROOF
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