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Our packaging is used for the transportation of goods at controlled temperatures while efficiently preserving the products from thermal and physical shocks. 


Pharmaceutical, Laboratory,  Specialty Drug, Nutraceutical, Biological, Cell & Gene Therapy, Medical Device Manufacturers, Clinical Trials, Vaccines, Reagents, Veterinary/Animal Health, Regenerative Medicine, University/College, Diagnostic/Lab, Organ Procurement (OPO), Chemicals, Paints, Polymers, Reagents, Infectious Substances, Laboratory Diagnostics, Medical Packaging, Last Mile, cGMP, etc.


Gourmet Sweets and Snacks, Mail Order Catalog, Home Delivered Food,  Poultry,  Vineyard, Pizza Shops, Chocolate, Bakery, Catering, Produce, Dairy, Samples, Confectionery, Testing Departments, Winery, Home Food Delivery, etc.


Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, National Guard, FDA, VA, CDC,  USDA, EPA, DEP,  DLA, APHIS, HLS, HHS, Department of Education, Department of Defense, US Coast Guard, etc.


Industrial Suppliers, Warehouse Paper and Packaging Suppliers, etc.

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Customer of 32 years

“It is my pleasure to submit a reference letter on behalf of Polar Tech Industries.  We have dealt with Polar Tech since 1996, during which time they have provided our business with excellent service and products. We sincerely appreciate their responsiveness and the way they conduct business. We highly recommend Polar Tech Industries as a solid and reliable supplier and we look forward to doing business with them for years to come.”


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We Engineer Packaging Systems That Work

Polar Tech is the manufacturer and professional source to engineer, supply and protect your temperature sensitive package from all distribution hazards. Our team of engineers, sales professionals and technical experts have years of temperature sensitive packaging experience to provide creative solutions. With the largest selection of insulated containers and cold packs in the industry, Polar Tech packaging solutions are designed with in-stock systems or custom-designed for your challenging requirements.