How do I ship my product? I need general guidelines.

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1. Measure (L x W x H) & weigh your product 

2. Factor product weight to find refrigerant weight. To ship overnight, multiply your product weight x ½. That’s minimum refrigerant weight. For example, 5 pounds of cheese needs 2½ pounds of refrigerant. To ship 2+ day, multiply your product weight x 2 to find the minimum refrigerant weight. For example, 5 pounds of cheese needs 10 pounds of refrigerant. To extend transit times, contact us for exact amount needed.

3. Choose a refrigerant used to maintain desired temperature. For frozen product use dry ice (Absolute Zero®) and for cold product use cold packs (Ice-Brix® or Re-Freez-R-Brix™)

4. Choose an insulated container based on days in transit and the dimensions of your product. Don’t forget to leave room to accommodate refrigerants! 

1-2 Day Overnight Series
2-3 Day Polar Express Series
2-5 Day Thermochill™ Series
5+ Day Global Extreme™ Series

5. Pack Out & Test! These are only general guidelines. For safe and effective packaging, always test and validate!

My dog or child ingested an ice pack- will they be ok?

Our packs are non-toxic and safe to handle. They are 99% water and 1% food thickener. This thickener is used commonly in milkshakes among other applications. It may cause diarrhea and or other mild digestive symptoms. If you still have concerns, bring a Safety Data Sheet to the vet or to the doctor with you. Select the sheet that corresponds to your pack (for example, Ice-Brix, Grab & Go, Re-Freez-R-Brix) for them to review. Plastic can become lodged in an intestinal track- please tell a doctor or vet to check.

How many ice packs do I need for my shipment?

½ the weight of your product for overnight shipping IE: 5 pounds of product would require 2.5 lbs of ice packs.

2 x the weight of your product for 2 day shipping. IE: 5 pounds of product would require 10 lbs of ice packs.

What is your MOQ?

All items are sold by the case, tray and pallet. Distributors are required to purchase by the Tray and Pallet only in order to receive distributor pricing.

Do you sell through distributors?

Please check with our team. Provide your name, company name, state, zip code in your email so we can locate the closest distribution center to meet your needs.

I don’t want to throw this cold pack away and add to the landfill- what can I do?

Thank you for your concern. You have choices! First, we want to iterate that our cold packs are reusable until there’s a leak. Reuse them by refrigerating or freezing them. If you accumulated several and they’re free of leaks, you could consider donating them to a school district or food pantry.

When it’s truly time to dispose of them keep this in mind:
– The gel won’t harm the environment
– Our BD line starts biodegrading in 18 months in a landfill
-The outer plastic can be rinsed and recycled with other plastics

This sheet has further details.

How long does a cold pack stay frozen?

This will depend on the insulation of your shipping container, the amount of ice packs you use and the product you are shipping. Since variables differ, we don’t have a one-size-fits-all solution. We always suggest you test your product and packaging to fine tune your needs.

Can I get a sample of your product?

We can ship the samples free of charge, but do ask that you supply a UPS or Fedex account numbert to cover the freight charges.

What is your lead time?

Lead time for in stock items is currently 10 days to ship.
Lead time for Truckload, custom made items and back order items varies.

How much do I have to buy to get free freight?

Freight is always pre-pay and add or you may choose your own carrier and we can ship collect.

Can you private label my products for me or my customer?

Polar Tech can private label cold packs, coolers and corrugated boxes.

Can you drop ship to my customer and do you charge to drop ship?

Polar Tech does charge a $50.00 drop ship fee. (waived for FTL)

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