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Last year, we promised that we would continue to think about, and only about, the box. We kept that promise. We thought, thought, and thought some more. And, when we were done thinking, we started investing. The results of our thinking and investing are reflected in this Catalog. We are proud to present hundreds of new products. All of our products, new and old, make it easy for you to protect the most valuable shipment in the World; yours.

While Polar Tech has been busy innovating and expanding, others have either struggled to survive or closed their doors. In these uncertain economic times, purchasers would be well-advised to live by the Latin adage “caveat emptor.” Beware of those who resort to pseudo-science to market their products. Beware of those who are contracting for they may shrink themselves right out of business. Beware of those who offer the illusion of value. These caveats are not exhaustive. You can develop, or have developed, your own list.

You do not need to assume any risk. If you want the best, leave the rest and come to us. Since 1984, Polar Tech has offered quality packaging and shipping solutions. Now, Polar Tech offers an expanded and truly amazing array of products. Polar Tech is confident that you will find the product you need in this Catalog. If you do not find exactly what you need, contact us and we will guide you to an appropriate product or help you develop a custom solution.

Polar Tech is not done thinking and investing. Our commitment to providing our customers innovative products, unmatched product quality, and superior customer service, will not let us rest. We have already taken additional steps to ensure that Polar Tech will thrive, not just survive. As they say in the news biz, stay tuned.

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